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award-noblesse_obligeMany thanks to my blogging mentor for bestowing the Noblesse Oblige Award (French, “nobility obligates”) upon the MondayMorningReview.  Peter’s coaching and encouragement have been instrumental in getting The Review out of email inserts and into the blogosphere, and his musings over at Beauty of the Bible are an amazing place to shake the dust off of your old religious paradigm.

And, in keeping with tradition of the Noblesse Oblige Award, I nominate:

Fresh Focus – the devotional project of the Writer’s Circle of Emmanuel Fellowship.

BJM – the travel blog of Bill Johnson, one of my ministry heroes.

Benij – the blog of Beni Johnson, Bill’s wife and an amazing minister by her own merit.

EffectiveChurchCommunications – a well of resources for churches, hosted by Yvon Prehn.

Sweetwater Prayer Center – a blog dedicated to raising up and equipping intercessors for every nation of the earth.

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