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plowed-field“What do you see?” was the foundational question of the prophet Jeremiah’s ministry.  Over and again, Jeremiah’s life would be filled with visions that he would in turn communicate to nations and kings, and what he saw would be the key to the message he delivered.

That same principle of vision is an essential factor in the ministry God has given each of us.  What you see determines what you say, what you do, and how you live.

As Mindy shared with us yesterday in her message, “Jeremiah: Faith for the Unseen,” the vision test for Jeremiah was the dormant branch that stood before him.  Jeremiah saw its identity and its potential. “I see an almond branch,” he said.  The young prophet could see what it was and the fruit it would produce.

What do you see today?  What do you see in your home, at work, and in the mirror?  What do you see for your future and how do you see your past?  What season of life are you in and where will you go from here?

The key to living in the grace of God is the capacity to see what God is doing around you and partner with Him in that activity.  This is the vision which brings hope, purpose, fulfillment, and fruit to life.

As we were closing the service yesterday, I saw a plowed field with rows and rows of uncut diamonds planted in the furrows.  It was as if the Lord was showing me there was an untapped harvest here in West-Texas.  God sees the beauty and the value that remains undiscovered in your life — and the soil of West Texas is the perfect place for your life to yield a harvest.  Can you see it?


Follow the link to access Pastor Mindy’s message “Faith for the Unseen” from the life of the prophet Jeremiah.


As Mindy shared yesterday, the song “You Have Redeemed My Soul” from the Enter the Worship Circle project kept coming to my mind.  Here’s a tribute video I found on youtube.

On the Radar

All youth and parents are invited to join us for a BBQ at Pastor Eric and Mindy’s house this Wednesday, July 1 at 7:00 pm.  We will eat, meet, play, and discuss upcoming plans for the youth ministry of EFC.  New 6th graders are invited to attend, as we will be welcoming them into the youth group!

Fountain Gate Fellowship in Abilene is hosting a Worship Training Seminar on Saturday, July 11, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm for worship team members and those who just love to worship!  More information is available on their website at www.fountaingatefellowship.org

Our first Kids’ School of Worship will be held at Emmanuel Fellowship July 28-31.  This amazing event will follow the format of a VBS with the emphasis of instructing children (and adults) in the privilege of worshipping our King.

You Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “See His Love” by Tim  Hughes
  2. “You Gave Your Life Away” by Paul Baloche and Kathryn Scott
  3. “I Repent” by Barry and Michelle Patterson
  4. “Revelation Song” by Jennie Lee Riddle

Sunday Preview

For the months of July and August, we will take a summer tour through the life of our Lord Jesus as told in the book of John.  I invite you to join us this Sunday for our first message in the series “That’s My King!”

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