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When Heaven InvadesOne of my favorite conversation openers usually goes something like, “Man, I had a weird dream last night.”  You never know where it’s gonna go from there — talking wolves, sections of sewer pipe, or even a full scale military invasion may come next.  Our dreams are a mysterious aspect of our lives.

Sometimes dreams are simply the product of our mind trying to process the events of our life, but the Bible records and history affirms that dreams are a remarkable platform for interaction with our Creator.  Modern science indicates dreams occur in the subconscious section of our brain where we do not battle with inhibition.  And in the place where inhibition is turned off, it seems the voice of God makes more sense — the outlandish suddenly becomes possible.

 My friend, Peter Lopez, recently had what I would classify as a “God dream.”  In the dream he saw a beautiful train station with bullet trains coming from and going to all the nations of the earth.  You can read the full account of his dream by clicking here.

 We believe the bullet trains are a picture of the Sweetwater Prayer Center, and we have a twofold vision for the Prayer Center to be a “House of Prayer for All Nations.”  First, we desire to have a representative of every nation pray in the Sweetwater Prayer Center.  Second, we desire to cover all of the nations of the earth in prayer through the Prayer Center. 

 You can partner with us in this vision by prayerfully considering a nation you would like to adopt.  Then, please let us know what nation you will be interceding for.  We have a list of nations waiting to be adopted on the wall in the Prayer Center, or you can post a comment if you already know your nation.

 I look forward to the day when someone from your adopted nation joins us in the prayer center!

 “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:8. 

 May the Lamb who was slain receive the full reward of His suffering.


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