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Speak Sweeter!

Speak Sweeter!

Our tongues travel on a continuous tightrope of what to say and what not to say.  Most of us have been trained that we should keep the reigns tight and “hold our tongue.”

With the realization that in a given year most people will speak enough words to fill fifty books that are each 1,000 pages long, and when we tally the word count of a single day to be between twenty and thirty thousand words, it seems easy to draw the conclusion that we should all speak fewer words and we would be much better off for it.

But, I do not believe the answer to taming the tongue lies in speaking fewer words as much as in learning to speak the right words.  When each of us reach the point of looking back on a long and fulfilling life, we may regret some of the words we spoke, but the deeper regret may be the words we neglected to speak.

Did we speak:

  • Words of Affirmation to our children?
  • Words of Endearment to our spouse?
  • Words of Appreciation to our parents and everyone else who ever influenced our life?
  • Words of Support for what we believe in?
  • Words of Life to those in search of truth?
  • Words of Apology to those we hurt?

As we embrace this week with a determination to speak sweeter, I encourage you to leave nothing unsaid to those who need to hear from you.

“The tongue has the power of life …”  –Proverbs 18:21


Did you miss this week’s message?  Do you need to grab a quick refresher of what was said?  Click here to listen to “Speak Sweeter” the second sermon in the Live Like You Were Dying Series.  


While preparing for yesterday’s message, I stumbled upon a great song that has become my new favorite.  Take a minute to reflect on “100 Years” by Five For Fighting.

You can find a great follow up to Sunday’s message in the sermon archive online.  Scroll down on the sermon player to 1/18/09 to hear a message on prayer and discover how one brown crayon can change a life forever.

On the Radar

Last night Peter Lopez kicked off our “Beauty of the Bible” discipleship series with a fantastic teaching from Genesis 1:1.  I encourage you to join us next Sunday at 6:00 p.m. as Peter leads us through an exploration of the treasures in God’s Word.

We have a Freedom Retreat coming November 6 – 7 at EFC.  If you have not attended a Freedom Weekend yet, prayerfully consider joining us for this remarkable weekend .  For more information, a schedule, and registration information, click here. 

You  Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can usually find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “My Redeemer Lives”
  2. “Open Up Heaven” by Kim Walker
  3. “Where You Go, I’ll Go” by Brian and Jenn Johnson

Sunday Preview

My friends, next Sunday is going to be a very remarkable time for us as a congregation.  We have the amazing privilege of hosting a special guest who is doing a wonderful work in some of the most difficult to reach countries in the world.  I hope you will make it your plan to come Sunday expecting a blessing and expecting to be a blessing as well.

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