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The beginning of a New Year is a great opportunity to seize the reigns of your family’s finances and develop a vision for your financial future.

King Solomon writes in Proverbs, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) This quote is exceedingly true regarding our finances.  Without a vision for managing our money, we quickly find ourselves out of control and overwhelmed by debt.

Financial peace in your home can be found through setting goals, establishing a plan, and following through.


What do you want to do with your money this year?  Do you want to be less in debt at the end of 2012 than you are now?  Would you like to be able to take a stress-free trip with your family this summer?  Would you like to begin tithing to your church?

Each year, between Christmas and the New Year, I pull out a piece of paper and begin to dream about how I will manage our money in the New Year.  I start with how much I want to give (15%), and then I look at how much I would like to save (10%).  I also consider the various ways I want to save (IRA, cash, car fund, vacation fund, emergency fund, and other investments).  After I have considered my giving and saving goals, I begin to look at the other areas of my finances.  I consider my current bills and then set goals for managing my car and home loans.

My first financial questions always deal with what I want to accomplish.


How are you going to achieve your financial goals this year?

Goals are useless if they do not lead us to action, and the action of financial goals is called a budget.  Through a budget, I consider the resources available to me (my paycheck) in light of the needs around me (my expenses).

I begin my plan by listing the essentials, the things I will not compromise in my finances.  I will not compromise my tithe.  I will not compromise feeding my family and providing a home for them.  From the essentials, I begin to prioritize my way through my other expenses, needs, and desires.  I ask myself questions such as: How much do we need for groceries each month?  What should be our limit on eating out?  What is the average of my electric, gas, and phone bill each month?  What are the areas where I can decrease my spending this year?


How do I stick with the plan this year?

Even the best plan is of no value if I do not follow through with it.  Two essential keys to accomplishing your plan are training and motivation.

We must all aspire to be life-long learners, and we must recognize there is more we can learn about managing our finances.  There are countless tips, tricks, and methods that have helped families maintain their monthly budget.  If you are going to accomplish more with your finances this year than you did last year, you may need to learn more about managing money than you knew last year.

We must also work to maintain our motivation.  Months of financial discipline can be undone by one season of unwise decision making.  Husbands and wives must be working together toward common financial goals, and they must also help one another stay on track.  Motivation is also encouraged through friendships.  Sharing your financial plans with trusted friends and inviting them to pray with you and check up on your progress is a tremendous tool for sticking with a financial plan.

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We’d all love for life to be “smooth sailing,” but the inevitable truth remains that storms do arise.  Just ask the crew from Gilligan’s Island—you can be out for a “three hour tour,” hit a storm, and find yourself marooned on an island, wearing the same outfit for years (unless, of course, you are the “Ginger” type, and then you will have a different outfit every day, but still be stranded on the island). 

Jesus himself said, “In this world, you will have trouble,” but thankfully He didn’t stop there.  He went on to say, “But take heart, for I have overcome the world.” 

And it’s true.  He really did.  What’s more, He is still overcoming, right in the midst of your storm.  The Prince of Peace is making intercession for YOU at the right hand of the Father, even as you read these words.  He excels at speaking into the storms of your life, commanding them to be still.  The key for us, as we navigate life’s storms, is to join Jesus and do what He is doing.  If He’s sleeping, then rest beside Him knowing you can have perfect peace because Jesus is in your boat.  If He’s commanding the storm, then join Him there on the bow of your boat and speak to the storm along with Him. 

Mindy laid out five keys in yesterday’s message to maintaining your peace, no matter what the boat of your life sails through.  As you read them today, ask Father God to reveal to your heart how to live them out victoriously.

  1. Make sure you’re in the right boat.
  2. Find Jesus.
  3. Put your pallet next to His.
  4. Tell your storm that Jesus in on board.
  5. Remember what Jesus has already promised you.


Click HERE to listen to “My Peace in the Storm” by Pastor Mindy von Atzigen.


Pastor Roosevelt Houston preached on “Going to the Other Side” with Jesus, using the same text Mindy preached from yesterday.  His message is worth listening to.  Find it for free on itunes.com, searching for Gateway Church podcast, and finding his message in their sermon archive.

On the Radar

Brazil Mission Trip — Pastor Mindy and Pastor Lorin leave in December for a mission trip to Brazil!  They will each need to raise over $3,000 for trip costs.  For more info and to find out how you can support their trip, click here

We have a new Lunchtime Bible study coming this week!  Beginning this Tuesday, October 20, we will dive into a lunch time study of the book of Revelation.  The study will run every Tuesday from 12:00 – 1:00 in my office.  Everyone is welcome to join in, just bring your Bible and a lunch box.

You Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can usually find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “Sing to the King” Hillsong version
  2. “Your Love Never Fails” Jesus Culture version
  3. “God, You’re Beautiful” by Anthony Skinner
  4. “See The Way” by Misty Edwards  

Sunday Preview

Next Sunday, October 25, Pastor Eric will begin a series on the book of Philemon.  Read ahead this week to be ready for the message!

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