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[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=jumper+cables&iid=5256076″ src=”3/6/d/d/Close_up_of_d6eb.jpg?adImageId=8927657&imageId=5256076″ width=”234″ height=”234″ /] The frigid temperatures have wreaked havoc on the battery of my little ’91 Accord.  I was recently greeted with the familiar clicking sound that told me there wasn’t enough juice to get the engine to turn over.

No problem.  Right?  I’ve got a set of jumper cables.

Now, being the positive person that I am, imagine what would happen if I were to only attach the positive cable to my battery when I go to jump it off.  All that positive energy wouldn’t have any way to transfer into my battery to get me moving again.

And this is where the life lesson is learned.  The positive cable needs the negative cable (I prefer to call it the ground cable) to complete the circuit. 

How many times do we try to hook ourselves to only the positive cables of life, just to discover it’s not giving us the juice we need to get going?  The key is, just like my Accord, we must also be grounded in order for our batteries to operate.

We can’t run away from the negative elements of life.  We can’t despise those things that keep our feet on the ground because it is the realities of life that allow the positive cable to do its thing.  Just as a kite needs a string holding it to the ground to allow it to soar to incredible heights, the grace of God is best experienced in a grounded life.

The challenge of an over-positive, Pollyanna perspective is it can lead us to pretend problems don’t exist, or to ignore the very negative situations that must be dealt with.  We must come to understand faith is not a crutch by which we ignore reality; rather, faith is the ladder allowing us to access a greater reality and see it positively impact the world in which we live.

The facts that surround us are subject to change.  Faith is based on the unchanging truth of God’s Word.  My checkbook ledger changes every day, my health report changes, but the truth of God does not change.  And God’s unchanging truth has the power to change my current circumstances.

So, my friends, plug into that positive power supply, keep your feet on the ground, and watch the grace of God do amazing things in your life today!


There is no podcast for the January 10, 2010 message.  Sorry, it was a “had to be there” kind of message.

Family Connection

Parents, be sure to check out the Worldchangers website.  We align our Bible curriculum from the nursery all the way up to our youth.  Access the Family Connection page on the website to bring you children’s Bible lesson home to the kitchen table. 


I began yesterday’s message by humorously browsing through my vehicle road side emergency kit, but being stuck in a real emergency isn’t too humorous at the time.  Does your family have a plan to handle the unexpected events of life?  Here are a few links for emergency preparedness.

A crisis is only a crisis when we are not prepared for it.  If we prepare ourselves, then a crisis becomes merely a situation.  I’d rather make it through a situation than a crisis!  My personal plan of action, and one I recommend to friends is to keep FOOD on hand for a week (don’t let your pantry get empty); keep some CASH on hand (invest in a fire safe box); and keep GAS in your car (don’t let it get below half a tank).

On the Radar

Lifegroups, RAMP, and worldchangers all start up again for the Spring Semester this Wednesday evening!  Log on to www.efcsweetwater.com for more info and make plans to join us this week!

Our youth will be attending the Julian Drive concert here in Sweetwater on Thursday, January 21st.  Log on to www.efcyouth.com for more info!

Revelation Bible study this Tuesday from 12:00 – 1:00 pm in my office.  Everyone is welcome to join in, just bring your Bible and a lunch box.  Keep up with the progress at The Watchman’s Gaze.

Our church will be helping the Ministerial Alliance serve the needy of our community during the month of February.  We will need a coordinator for this outreach, a driver who can pick up groceries in Abilene with a flatbed trailer, a team of volunteers to help sack groceries for two hours on Tuesday, February 16th, and a few more to help distribute the groceries to those in need on Thursday, February 18th.  If you are interested in being a part of this service project, please log on to the Emmanuel Fellowship Church website and click the SERVE icon.

Make plans to join in the after church Fellowship Meal Sunday, January 31.  It’ll be a great day of fun and family time.  More info (and even recipes!) by logging on to one of the most delicious churches in Sweetwater, Texas and clicking the FELLOWSHIP MEAL icon.

Discover more about Sweetwater, Texas!

You Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can usually find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “Grace Like Rain” by Todd Agnew
  2. “Your Glory” by Mindy von Atzigen
  3. “Your Love is Like” by Rick Pino
  4. “Mighty to Save” by Matt Redmand

Sunday Preview

Next Sunday, January 17, 2010, we will get back on track with our Vision 2010 sermon series and take a deeper exploration of a church that “Mends.”

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