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IranIran is a nation of mystery for Americans.  An older generation may have different memories, but those of us who came of age after the Islamic Revolution only know the intrigue of flowing black robes, long beards, and nuclear ambitions.  We are perplexed by a nation that can be in turmoil over the recent election of Ahmadinejad over Mousavi, and still be ruled by a supreme leader.

But there is much more to the people of Iran than what we see on the evening news.  Under the heavy hand of the Islamic Republic, there is the beauty of the Persian culture, there is the majesty of a mountainous landscape, and there is the unstoppable growth of the Christian church.

The estimates of the Christian population in Iran in the 1980s were around the one thousand mark.  Current statistics indicate the Body of Christ in Iran is over one million strong.

Although the Christian church in Iran may be loosely connected and heavily persecuted, it has become an unstoppable force.

After a wonderful encounter with a Christian brother of Persian descent, I offer up my prayer for Iran:

  • I pray for the Lord to strengthen the resolve of our Christian brothers and sisters in Iran.
  • I pray for leaders of the Christian church to be united and develop strategic ways to disciple the Body of Christ in Iran.
  • I pray for the eyes of the nation to continue to be opened to the corruption of the Islamic regime, and that the threads which are currently unraveling would rip away the veil of darkness that covers the land.
  • I pray for the Lord to bring an end to the evil regime that currently oppresses the people of the region.
  • I pray for the beautiful culture of the Persian people to be preserved and find its fullness in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • I pray for Iranian refugees who have fled in search of asylum to find comfort, shelter, and favor among the international community.  I pray they will encounter Iranian Christians who are scattered all over Asia and Eastern Europe. 
  • I pray for the Christian church worldwide to make room to receive our Iranian brothers and sisters into their fellowships.
  • I pray for a steady flow of the Word of God to continue to pour over the borders of Iran through print, satellite, radio, and the internet.

Ask our Lord what part He would have you continue to play in the healing and restoration of an entire people group.  How is He leading you to change the shape of your world?

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