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In my high school Physics class, we had the chance to take on the legendary assignment to drop an egg from the roof of the school without cracking it.

This project was cool for a variety of reasons, the first being we had permission to get up on the roof of the school.  It was also a project that allowed us to get out from behind the desk and apply what we had learned to a hands-on project.

We came up with some wild and crazy contraptions involving coat hangers, rubber bands, duct tape, electrical tape, scotch tape, athletic tape, and anything else we could raid from the teachers supply closet.  Most of our designs looked great and were built on good theories, but the structures we created just didn’t hold up well to the long drop and sudden stop from the roof.

Much to our chagrin, the most secure design, even after repeated test drops, belonged to the girl who rolled her egg in a pillow and stuffed it into a shoe box.  No amount of bouncing, trouncing, or pouncing could crack that egg.

Physics class may have come and gone, but we all still find ourselves trying to develop contraptions to keep our hearts safe from the pounding this world dishes out.  We try ideas built on great theories or celebrated in the latest books, but we can’t seem protect ourselves from feeling like we are carrying damaged cargo.

There just isn’t a good substitute to being wrapped up tight and tucked inside a safe place.

In John 14:20 Jesus promises:

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.

I am so thinking Jesus got an a “A” in Physics class!

He knows how to hold the human heart safely and securely.  John 14:20 tells us Jesus has wrapped Himself around us, and God is wrapped around Him, then He placed the Holy Spirit inside of us to further cushion us from the hard jolts of life.  We are wrapped up inside and out in the marvelous grace of God.

All of us were born into a broken world, and we have all experienced the breaking this world has to offer.  But, when we are born again in the grace of God, we are born into a security that holds us steadfast through every long drop or sudden stop that comes our way.

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