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Visiting with people as they were heading out of the service Sunday, I had an interesting conversation with one of our local tattoo artists.  Responding to the morning message, he said, “Your heart can be wholly, holy, or holey.” 

 Now that’s a profound thought.  As near as I can tell one will lead to the other, but there is one that undermines them both.  Let me explain:

“Holiness” is our desire.  It is the command of God for our lives and it is the gift of God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  A holy life reflects the grace of God through our character and actions.

“Holeyness” is the under miner.  The holes in our life from past wounds and sin create pitfalls from which we sabotage ourselves and our purpose in Christ.

“Whollyness” is the heart that is undivided.  This is what God commends Joshua for when He says:

“Because they have not followed me wholeheartedly, not one of the men twenty years old or more who came up out of Egypt will see the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob— not one except Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and Joshua son of Nun, for they followed the Lord wholeheartedly.” Numbers 32:11-12

How is your heart today?

Is your heart so holey that you have lost sight of living holy? Or are you living wholly in the grace that makes us holy unto our God and King?

Remember, the holes are healed and a whole heart is developed only in the holiness of the presence of God.

“The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.” Exodus 33:11


Follow the link to access Pastor Eric’s message on Joshua from last Sunday at http://efcsweetwater.com/index.php?nid=11648&s=gl


I’ve posted the Parable of the Mandarin Goby on the blog.  Click here to catch the closing story of Sunday’s message.

A great resource for learning how to live in the Presence of God is a book called Practicing His Presence, which was written by a monk named Brother Lawrence.  You can find the book at Amazon.

On the Radar

Spend an evening in His presence at the Night of Prayer and Worship this Friday at The Sweetwater Prayer Center.  The party starts at 7:00 pm.  Children are welcome to join us, but a nursery will be available.  Join us for a glorious time in the presence of our King.

You Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “O Taste and See” by Brian and Jenn Johnson  watch on youtube.
  2. “I Love Your Presence” by Anthony Skinner  watch on youtube.
  3. “A Little Longer” by Jenn Johnson  watch on youtube.
  4. “Revelation Song” by Kari Jobe – This one is a must watch. 

Sunday Preview

Our hero for next Sunday is Elisha.  His life teaches us the profound impact of honor.

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