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The Bible is full of interesting lists and descriptions, but have you ever wondered about the “begots” and “son ofs” in the Bible?  What message do those lists of names tell us?

I believe those simple lists carry a powerful truth about the people begotten in them, and they communicate an amazing reality to a young person reading about their genealogy.

Those lists tell us that people have fathers; that my name means something; that my life is part of a much bigger story.  Those lists tell a person where they come from and the truth that they are going somewhere.  In a very real and powerful way, the begots in the Bible tell us what we are a part of and who we are.

I am intrigued by the genealogy of Noah.  He lived in a day unlike what any of us have experienced.  It was a brief time in history when people had not only their fathers, but their great, great, great, great, great grandfathers to love and instruct them.  In fact, as we look at the list of the first men to walk the earth, we discover Adam lived to see all of the pre-flood generation born, except for Noah.  I can only imagine what the conversations were like between Adam and Enoch or Methusaleh, as Adam described what it was like to walk in the Garden with God their Father.

And then, around the year 1656 of mans presence on earth, for the first time since Adam, we see a man living disconnected from his forefathers.  Noah is a man who knew what it was like to be fatherless.  And in that same year, a flood covered the earth.

I believe we are living in one of the most fatherless times in the history of our nation.  This fatherless season has brought a flood of insecurity and lack of true purpose upon our culture. 

It is time to build an ark, a safe place where people can discover they have a history and a heritage.  It is time for people to know again they have a place in the lineage of the saints.  Each of us has been handed a legacy, and it is up to each of us to pass that legacy to a future generation.


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Family Connection

Parents, be sure to check out the Worldchangers website.  We align our Bible curriculum from the nursery all the way up to our youth.  Access the Family Connection page on the website to bring your children’s Bible lesson home to the kitchen table. 

We also have all the info you need about RAMP, our ministry to youth in Sweetwater High School and Middle School and surrounding campuses, as well.

You Heard it at EFC

Been trying to remember one of those awesome songs we sang?  Here is our worship list from yesterday, for those of you who just absolutely need a copy for yourself.  You can usually find them for purchase on itunes.com.

  1. “O Taste and See” by Brian and Jenn Johnson
  2. “By Faith”
  3. “’Tis  So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” – great new hymn album available at www.leahmari.com!
  4. “Here is Love” Brian and Jenn Johnson version

Sunday Preview

Next Sunday, March 7, 2010, we will conclude our sermon series “Here is Love,” by taking a close look at the unconditional love of Godly parents.

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