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Children DancingA key part of starting the new school year is shopping for new school clothes.  Somehow, last year’s pants and shoes just don’t fit anymore.  The start of the new semester is a marker that our children, indeed, are growing, and all of the food we have been shoveling into them must be accomplishing something.

As we begin the 2009 school year, we are discovering as a congregation that we, also, need to make room to grow.  The sanctuary just isn’t fitting us in the way it did last year.  We are considering several possibilities to make room for growth as a church, from enlarging the sanctuary to adding an additional Sunday morning service.

One immediate course we are choosing to follow is the implementation of a Sunday morning “Kids’ Church.”  Following the Kids’ Church model means our children ages four to fifth grade will be able to head to their classes immediately upon arriving to church on Sunday morning.  Our Nursery and Toddler’s class will still be available through the entire service as usual, but the Toddler class will now begin their lesson by 10:30 am.

Pastor Lorin has assembled a team to help her coordinate worship and opening activities for the children during the worship portion of the Sunday service, after which the children will break out into their regular Sunday morning classes for Bible study and learning activities.

Parents will simply need to register their children in the foyer for their classes at the beginning of church, and, at the conclusion of the service, the children will be escorted to the sanctuary during the closing song.

I believe the transition to Kids’ Church will provide a wonderful opportunity for our children to experience church in an age appropriate and exciting environment, and offers a great follow up to our Kids’ School of Worship with a semester of continued hands-on training.  In the process, it allows additional space in the sanctuary to accommodate ministry to more families in our community.  Please join us in prayer as we continue our purpose of bringing life to our city.

Other key transitions occurring during our move to Kids’ Church include:

  • Alignment of age based curriculum.  Our nursery through high school will be following the same scope and sequence of Bible study.  This will allow families an excellent opportunity to review and reinforce the weekly lessons.
  •  Addition of “Home Connection” handouts.  The Home Connection handouts provide a tool for parents to engage their children in Biblical discussion throughout the week.
  • Addition of 2-3 year old “Toddlers” class.  Our nursery will be divided into two spaces, with supervision to separate our crawlers from our walkers.  A new door has been installed to check in each of these age groups to the nursery separately.
  • Sunday morning registration.  All of our children will be registered for Kids’ Church in the foyer before going to their classes.  Registration provides a safe handoff and opportunity for communication with our parents.
  • Kids’ worship team.  Our children will be participating in Kids’ Church as they learn how to minister to God and one another through their own worship band and ministry teams.

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